Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The world is in a time in history when men are rewarded for being weak. We are told by governments and other organizations that we need no strength of our own, and that by giving them all we have, they will protect us. The only problem with this philosophy is that people are not happy when they are not progressing.
Albert Einstein once said that "Light can only exist so long as it is actively moving forward". As soon as the light stops progressing it is no longer light.
I can imagine an entity telling a beam of light to slow down and give away its energy and the entity will glow for the light so it doesn't have to work anymore. But what becomes of the light?
The reality is that we, as people, have a light that shines within us from our hearts. When we give up our quest to move forward we lose that light and it effects every aspect of our lives.
Ask the weight lifter what happens to his muscles if someone else bears his burden. Ask the runner what happens to his time if he rides in a car.
It is progression that makes us happy. It is strength that brings joy to our hearts. The way to gain strength is to fight our own battles, and walk our own path.
I long for the day that the people of the world are strong, and prepared for the things of the future.