Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Me and my Back

Lately, as I am sure most of you are aware, I have been working at Ideal Bodyworks as Judy's apprentice. It has been about 2 years since I first met Judy as a client and she began working her magic on my back.
The reason I first visited Judy was that I had severely injured my spine. For weeks after hurting myself walking was a challenge, after a few months I had learned to live with the pain. I would get cramps and spasms in my back after every physical activity, and a half hour in the car was about all I could handle. It was like this for almost 18 months.
To make my very long story into a short one I will just say that after only 4 visits with Judy I was completely out of pain and back to life as I knew it before my injury. Needless to say I was grateful.
There is a side story in this whole affair that sometimes I forget about, but am reminded of every time I see a picture of myself in the past. From a very young age I have had problems with my posture. My back was rounded, and it was impossible for me to pull my shoulders back or stand up straight like everyone else. I was ridiculed and teased in school, receiving insults regularly in reference to my poor "hunch back" posture. I was also very skinny, this didn't help my problems.

See what I mean?

Because of the way my back was shaped there were muscles (mainly in my chest area) that would not develop no matter what I tried. I had been to Doctors, and Chiropractors, and specialists many many times, but was always given silly excuses why they couldn't help me, and no solutions (unless I wanted a metal rod in my back...yeah right). Oh well, I would think, it could be worse.
Spinal Touch is effective because it balances the body in a way that significantly improves posture. When posture is correct, it allows circulation to get to weakened or damaged areas so they may heal. As I work with people who have back injuries I have noticed that every single time there is an ongoing injury in someones spine, there is an imbalance in posture, and it seems that every time there is an imbalance in posture to begin with, injuries are easy to come by. The body is meant to stand with correct posture, and handles activities and forces better when it does. In situations of injury, the body compensates for the damaged areas by tightening muscles so as to "baby" the injured spot (sort of like limping when a person hurts their foot or ankle).
When I went to Judy I went because I was in pain, but I noticed as she worked with me that my shoulders were migrating towards the place they were supposed to be. As I said, after my fourth session I was completely out of pain, but after my sixth session I got off "the line" (the laser line or plumb line that spinal touch practitioners have their clients stand in front of before and after every session for analysis)and asked Judy if I was standing with correct posture. She laughed and told me to look for myself. Wow, I thought to myself...finally. It was like a dream come true.
Here are some pictures of me. The first one was when I was a kid of about 13. The second picture is me at almost 25, a couple of months before meeting Judy. Notice that my posture is exactly the same as when I was young. The third picture is me almost 2 years to the day after receiving Spinal Touch for the first time. My posture is still good, and my body has finally grown in the areas it was unable to in the past. Most people see these pictures and accuse me of working out. The truth is that I was getting far more exercise and workout time during the time frame of the second picture than in that of the third. My body just responds differently now.
Judy always gives people the opportunity to receive before and after pictures for their first session, because in a single session there is a noticeable difference. I thought it would be fun to show the world what happens after a couple years. I hope you enjoy the pics.

-Chris Gainer

Here are some from the back.