Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well, we just returned from San Diego and from teaching spinal touch therapy to our largest group yet. It was an exciting trip that everyone enjoyed.
It is always fun to see the ocean, and play in the salty waves. One evening, after teaching, I was out in the water and watched the sun begin to disappear over the horizon. I knew it would be dark soon and I knew the fun was almost over for the night, but I wanted to watch the sun until it was gone. It was a clear evening, and the clouds were high, but the sun seemed far enough away that I could look at it without it burning my eyes. As well as watching the sun I was also watching the water, and viewing the reflection the sun was making directly below it. When the burning globe was exactly half gone, the reflection made it seem like I could see the whole sun again. In water, the sky was reflected.
There are many moments every day that I am able to reflect on things I have seen and learned, and at the time I was at the beach I learned a valuable lesson. In order to show light you do not necessarily have to be it yourself. You can show light by simply being polished, or smooth enough to reflect it. I made a decision that evening that I would do my best to make sure that the waters of my life are smooth, so I too, like the ocean on a calm evening, can reflect light for all to see.
The next evening, after our goodbyes, we drove home and away from our new fond memories and friends that we made at the workshop. Every person that attended added something unique to the group.

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